Buying Hours: Monday & Wednesday 11-7, Sunday 1-4

Please note: There are times during the year when we must take a break from accepting used books; we will post such breaks on social media as well as on our website.


  • Please bring no more than 25 books at a time and plan to be in the store while our staff evaluates the books according to quality, quantity, and demand, among other factors.
  • We will determine which books we can take and their in-store price (based on current value) and will issue you a store credit. Dependent on the previously mentioned factors, you will receive 25-30% of our price for them in credit toward other purchases (no cash).
  • Store credit does not expire and can be used toward 50% of your purchase (excluding new books, used books from our Rare, Antique, & Collectible sections, and works of art by local makers).
  • You are responsible for taking back any books we don’t accept. We encourage you to donate them to the Friends of the Chapel Hill Public Library, Friends of the Carrboro Public Library, the Chapel Hill PTA thrift shop, or the Carrboro PTA Thrift Shop.


  • Hardcover or paperback books in excellent to very good condition


  • Hardcover or paperback books in any condition in the following genres:

Textbooks, Magazines, Audiobooks, Business, Financial, Computer, Romance, Westerns, Encylocpedias, Sports, older travel guides, Children’s Books (except some Young Adult), DVDs/CDs/Cassettes

  • Please don’t bring us books with water-damage, heavy underlining, stickers that cannot be removed, or that are musty, moldy, dirty, pet hair-infested, falling apart, or unpleasantly odorous.


  • We prefer to do all buying at our store, but if you have 1K+ books, we might be able to come to you. Please call (919) 913-5055 to inquire about visits for large collections
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