Want to hang out at Epilogue? We are happy to host you. We are using this spiffy reservation system in order to ensure everybody gets to experience Epilogue while respecting social distancing.

With that in mind we are only allowing the usage of our indoor tables to a maximum of 1 hour per party. We will also require a minimum of 8 spend in food per each guest in the reservation. For example, a 3 person party will be required to purchase at least $24 in food and/or drinks.

You can purchase your food in advance in step four below. 🙂

Lastly, wearing a mask will be enforced.
If you are presenting COVID symptoms please do not come in. We ask that you think about protecting yourself and your fellow patrons as well as our staff. We will be thankful for you being an awesome human like that.
On our end we will make sure to keep the space as clean as possible. We will do this by cleaning periodically as well as in between reservations.

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Step 4 (Optional): You can purchase your food ahead of time and we will get it ready as soon as you come in and are seated. 🙂 Please ensure that you enter the reservation number noted above in the order notes.