So Many Olympic Exertions by Anelise Chen


Blending elements of self-help, memoir, and sports writing, SO MANY OLYMPIC EXERTIONS is an experimental novel that perhaps most resembles what the ancient Greeks called hypomnemata, or “notes to the self” in the form of observations, reminders, and self-exhortations.

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Taken together, these notes constitute a personal handbook on “how to live” or perhaps more urgently “why to live,” a question the narrator, graduate student Athena Chen, desperately needs to answer.

Anelise Chen earned her MFA in fiction at NYU. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Gawker, The Morning News, The Rumpus, VICE, and BOMB Magazine. She is currently a fiction editor at The Margins, a publication of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop.

So Many Olympic Exertions by Anelise Chen
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