Wild Milk by Sabrina Orah Mark


Fiction. Jewish Studies. Women’s Studies. WILD MILK is like Borscht Belt meets Leonora Carrington; it’s like Donald Barthelme meets Pony Head; it’s like the Brothers Grimm meet Beckett in his swim trunks at the beach. In other words, this remarkable collection of stories is unlike anything you’ve read.

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“The stories drift in the way of the best fairy tales—released from dependence on narrative sensibility to become both more odd and more true than any mere fiction…Stories in which laughter is sometimes the only response to sorrow, beauty is strange, and love is fierce and unending. A necessary book for our perilous age.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Mark is obviously a talent in the vein of Leonora Carrington, maintaining the strange dreamlike atmosphere of her fiction without losing its sense of substance, using skillfully interwoven images that create tight seams between each story.”—Paris Review Daily staff pick

“Mark’s collection is perplexingly captivating; she applies a poet’s playful sensibilities to the fiction form and creates something astonishing and new.”—Publisher’s Weekly

“Dorothy, a publishing project, which is committed to ‘works of fiction or near fiction or about fiction, mostly by women,’ has, for nearly 10 years, proven an ally to genre-bending writing. Mark’s book is on a par with the best work they’ve put out, such as Leonora Carrington’s THE COMPLETE STORIES and Jen George’s THE BABYSITTER AT REST.”—The Millions

“WILD MILK is equal parts setup and punchline, a brilliant logic of surreal, layered humor that skips its way towards deeply felt truths. Author Sabrina Orah Mark, who has previously written two books of poetry, offers us short stories that blend fairytale, Who’s-on-First-style drollery, and current cultural moment to deliver back a clearer version of our own warped reality.”—The Arkansas International

“Sabrina Orah Mark is a writer of strangeness & tenderness & undeniable brilliance. I wanted to read this book aloud to everyone I’ve ever loved, & to fold it into a locket to keep close to my heart.”—Elizabeth McCracken

“Essentially, this is a book about mothering. Existentially, this is a book about anxiety. Everything herein is a child—teeth, presidents, prayers, apricots, seahorses, jokes, snails…Calling these stories doesn’t seem quite right—each comes alive in your hands, not like a child but like its cry.”—Nick Flynn

“Totally spellbinding and mesmerizing.”—Boston Globe

“Marks’s use of Jewish culture and contemporary fairy tales combine into stories that challenge both discourses. By defying the cultural boundaries of American fairy tales, Mark gives us a collection that casts both mainstream and minority cultures in a new, wild light.”—Jewish Book Council

“Is this prose or poetry—what difference does it make, as long as it’s good writing? And the stories in WILD MILK are good writing.”—Literary Matters

Wild Milk by Sabrina Orah Mark