Whiskey by Bruce Holbert


Whiskey is the story two of brothers, their parents, and three wrecked marriages—about kinship, failure, enough liquor to get through it all, and ultimately a dark and hard-earned grace. With the gruff humor of Cormac McCarthy and a dash of the madcap irony of Charles Portis, and a strong, authentic literary voice all his own, Bruce Holbert traverses the harsh landscape of America’s northwestern border and finds a family unlike any before.

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Andre and Smoker were raised in their parents’ failed marriage and appetite for destruction, and find themselves in the same straits as adults—navigating their own marriages and their parents’ frequent collision with the law and one another. The family lives in Electric City, Washington, just south of the Colville Indian Reservation. Fiercely loyal, they’re bound by a series of darkly comedic and hauntingly violent events: domestic trouble; religious fanaticism; benders punctuated with pauses to dry out that never stick. When a religious zealot takes Smoker’s daughter, there’s no question that Andre will join him to return her. Maybe the venture will break them beyond repair or maybe it will redeem them. Or both.

Whiskey by Bruce Holbert
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