Where The Light Falls by Nancy Hale, edited by Lauren Groff


Lauren Groff invites a new generation of readers to rediscover the haunting stories of a neglected mid-century master.

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A prolific writer whose long association with The New Yorker rivaled that of her contemporary John Cheever, Nancy Hale was considered one of the preeminent short story artists of her era. But few readers today will recognize her name. Acclaimed author Lauren Groff has selected twenty-five of Hale’s best stories, presented here in the first career-spanning edition of this astonishingly gifted writer’s work. These stories seem ahead of their time in their depiction of women—complicated characters, sometimes fragile, possibly wicked, often remarkable in their apparent ordinariness, from an adolescent girl in Connecticut driven into delirium over her burgeoning sexuality in “Midsummer,” to a twenty-something New Yorker experiencing culture shock during a visit to a friend’s house in Virginia in “That Woman,” to a New England widow in search of alcohol while babysitting her grandson in “Flotsam.” Haunting, vivid, and subversive in the best sense, Where the Light Falls is nothing less than a major literary rediscovery.

Where The Light Falls by Nancy Hale, edited by Lauren Groff
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