Washington White by Adam Griffiths


In the District of Columbia, the President authorizes covert testing of a mind-control disease, a greedy developer gentrifies the universe within the disease, and the black owner of a local tabloid threatens to expose the corruption—because his evil, white tycoon dad is the one behind it.


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Winner of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo’s Cupcake Award, and Best of Show at Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art Festival, Adam Griffith’s Washington White is a spy thriller set in a future D.C. — and the true story of Adam Griffiths’ grandmother, Peggy Griffiths, a lawyer for the U.S. Civil Service Commission’s Appeals Review Board, best known for winning a landmark bias lawsuit against the federal government in 1977 for wrongfully being denied a promotion. In Washington White, bureaucrat Peggy Fables is denied promotion by the President who plans to install a supporter of the government’s mind-control drug program. The representation of institutionalized racism experienced by his grandmother is, to Adam Griffiths, the most important part of this work. Griffiths is an artist and activist, with a conscience and an agenda, on the rise.

Washington White by Adam Griffiths