Virgil & Owen by Paulette Bogan


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For fans of Toot and Puddle comes a new dynamic duo that will warm readers’ hearts.

When Virgil the penguin finds a lost polar bear, Owen, he wants to keep Owen all to himself. He will be the only penguin with a polar bear as a best friend! But Virgil isn’t happy that Owen would rather play together with everyone on the iceberg. Isn’t Owen supposed to be Virgil’s friend and Virgil’s friend only? Making friends isn’t always easy, but Owen helps Virgil see that sharing friends makes having them even better. With a gentle twist on the classic childhood situation of making—and keeping—friends, Paulette Bogan’s simple, yet emotional storytelling and bright, adorable artwork introduces a charming set of characters whose adventures will ring true for the youngest of readers.

Virgil & Owen by Paulette Bogan