Tin Man by Sarah Winman


From internationally bestselling author Sarah Winman comes an unforgettable and heartbreaking novel celebrating love in all its forms, and the little moments that make up the life of one man.

This is almost a love story. But it’s not as simple as that.

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Our Bookseller says:

“‘And I wonder what the sound of a heart breaking might be. And i think it will be quiet, unperceptively so, and not dramatic at all. Like the sound of an exhausted swallow falling gently to earth.’

Tin Man follows Ellis and Michael as they come into adulthood and explore their clumsy, confusing affection for each other. A contemplation of what was and what could have been, this book is blazing with tender first love and the grief of losing it. Winman evokes a rare, sweet spirit among heavy realities of masculinity, friendship, and loneliness.” – Niya

Tin Man by Sarah Winman
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