Time Will Tell by Trevy A. McDonald


“An intense account of childhood friends as they each experience life’s challenges. Trevy McDonald intricately describes their events, leaving the reader in anticipation of each character’s dramatic outcome.”
–J. Hale Turner, author of Paradise Dream

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What has time told you about the power of friendship?

Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope share laughs and heartaches, hopes and dreams over the years, but only Time Will Tell if their friendship can survive the drama.

Accountant Hope Jones-McCoy goes through life masquerading self-righteousness for saintliness until the world she spent ten years building comes crashing down around her at once. Although she has a sunny disposition, Rachel Curtis-Brown faces dark days as her estranged husband and his chemical dependency leave her to raise two young sons alone. Thomasine Mintor, anthropology and women’s studies professor at the prestigious Steeplechase University, is a preacher’s daughter who’s into everything and everybody but herself, until she has a spiritual awakening and makes a major life change.

Time Will Tell is a story of tragedy and triumph, and the test of true friendship. You’ll find yourself laughing, crying, reflecting on your own hopes and dreams, and even reconnecting with an old friend.

Time Will Tell by Trevy A. McDonald
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