Three Poems by Hannah Sullivan


The winner of the 2018 T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry, Three Poems is an “exhilarating” (London Review of Books) debut of formal height and emotional depth.

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Hannah Sullivan’s debut collection is a revelation—three poems of startling intensity, ambition, and length. Though each poem stands apart, their inventive and looping encounters make for a compelling unity.

“You, Very Young in New York” is a study of romantic possibility and disillusion in a great American city. “Repeat Until Time” begins with a move to California and unfolds into a philosophical essay on repetition. “The Sandpit After Rain” explores the birth of a child and the loss of a father with exacting clarity.

Eliciting comparisons to such poets as Eliot, Pound, Whitman, and Auden, Three Poems explores coming-of-age, motherhood, capitalism, social media, and other contemporary concerns from her unique perspective and exquisite voice.

Three Poems by Hannah Sullivan