This One Because of The Dead by Laure Baudot


A collection of short stories about the power of what goes unsaid.

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In her debut collection of short stories, Laure Baudot writes about men and women, boys and girls. In the title story, Julie comes to realize that her life has been based on accepting situations less than she had hoped for. She gave up her hopes to of becoming a ballerina for a career as a ballet teacher, and she has settled into living with a man who is self-absorbed to a shocking extent.

Laure Baudot is an author and martial artist. With Toronto, Ontario, as her base, she has traveled the world with her adventurous husband and three children. Her work has been published in various literary journals, including The Danforth Review, The Fertile Source, Found Press, and Prairie Fire.

This One Because of The Dead by Laure Baudot