This Is America


A Generation for a New America

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No other country is more shrouded in myths. America—land of boundless possibilities. From rags to riches. Where a real estate tycoon can become president of a society in which the chasm between poor and rich grows ever wider. Liberals and conservatives entrench themselves in their respective camps, and conflicts that appear to be intractable pit the generations against one another. The chaos and upheavals of the past few years have been fertile ground for artistic ventures that THIS IS AMERICA brings into focus. The exhibition reflects a cross-section of day-to-day experiences in the US, for better or for worse. Following on from 2020, a year that will be remembered in infamy because of the global pandemic and social unrest, the exhibition reflects the current state of precarity that we all live in. The accompanying catalogue features a selection of artists living in America such as Christina Forrer, Timothy Curtis, Zoë Buckman, Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., Alina Perez, and Hiejin Yoo, among others. They all grapple with prescient issues affecting the United States of America at present including class, race, and gender inequity, as well as the concomitant civil unrest.

The catalogue includes more than 30 statements written by the contributing artists as well as thematic essays by Kathy Battista and New York Times best-selling author Roxane Gay.

This Is America