The Travelers by Regina Porter


A sweeping and devastating debut novel following two American families, one white and one black, from the 1950s through Barack Obama’s first year as president, and grappling with America’s painful history of racism and sexism.

Bearing witness to the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the first term of Obama’s presidency, The Travelers is both an intimate family portrait and a searing examination of the hauntings and traumas still reverberating in America today and the wounds in our history we have not healed.

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James Vincent is born in 1942 to a working-class white couple whose marriage was already on the rocks. James struggles to move beyond a difficult childhood and escapes the violence at home to attend law school in Michigan, where he begins, ultimately, to envision his future as prosperous and bright.

Meanwhile, on a rural road in Georgia, Agnes Green, a black woman on her first date with a handsome suitor, is pulled over by the police, and the terrible moments that follow make her question whether she will have a future at all. As the years unspool ahead of them, unexpected turns of fate will connect these two lives and their families: two Americans who each come up against the forces of race, class, and gender that change—and end—ordinary lives.

The Travelers by Regina Porter