The Sun Shines on the Jungle by Michael Slack


Lift the flaps for a gentle introduction to the food chain—perfect for the preschool set!


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The sun shines on the jungle.
Plants grow, reaching for the sun.

Welcome to the jungle! Take a look at some animals who live there and discover how they depend on one another. Beetles munch on leaves, and spiders pounce on them in turn. Frogs lay in wait for the spiders, and an argus pheasant waits for a frog to leap. And so it continues, with a peek at some bearded pigs and a not-too-scary python. But what do you think the biggest animal of all will eat? With bold and friendly illustrations, a simple text, and fun interactive flaps, Michael Slack takes little readers right up the food chain and back around for a final twist.

The Sun Shines on the Jungle by Michael Slack