The Other Side of Luck by Ginger Johnson


Perfect for fans of The Inquisitor’s Tale, this middle grade fantasy follows two kids on a quest that will change their lives forever.

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Since her mother’s death, Una has scoured every inch of the palace hoping to catch just a whiff of her mother’s floral scent. But as the daughter of the Magister, her search always ends within the confines of the palace. If Una remains obedient, her father will reward whoever can capture the rare Silva Flower and deliver it to the princess—but Una decides to embark on a journey to find the flower herself.
Julien is the son of a botanical collector, but he doesn’t share his father’s connection to plants. When his ill father is arrested by debt collectors, Julien’s only hope to save him is to win the Magister’s reward—to find the Silva Flower.
As Una and Julien search, their destinies intertwine, leading them to discover a stronger sense of belonging in friendship than any memory or reward could bring.

The Other Side of Luck by Ginger Johnson
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