The Maze Of Transparencies by Karen An-hwei Lee


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In the near future, when an epidemic of cyberfatigue has triggered a technocracy collapse, an orphaned data cloud narrates the quest of Yang as he visits each of the harbingers of happiness.

“A former data cloud narrates the story of its creator, Yang, a former tech elite after a digital shutdown collapses the technocracy and discorporates vast clouds of data, as he undertakes a journey to find, among the ruins of the mezzopolis, the seven harbingers of happiness. But this cloud is also a poet, which is to say, LEE’S WRITING DAZZLINGLY ILLUMINATES THE INNER LIFE OF DATA… This is a polyglot guide to existential collapse, a multivalent antiserum for the promises of technological progress. WE NEED THIS BOOK.”–Evelyn Hampton

The Maze Of Transparencies by Karen An-hwei Lee