The Love Prison Made and Unmade: My Story by Ebony Roberts


A remarkable memoir of a woman who fell in love with an incarcerated man—a poignant story of hope and disappointment that lays bare the toll prison takes, not only on those behind bars but on their families and relationships.

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“This is the story of how I found my Black prince in the least likely place, a prison, and how once our marriage breathed in free air, the fairytale ended.”

An educated and strong-minded young woman, Ebony was drawn to bad boys who ultimately hurt and disappointed her. On her thirtieth birthday, fed up and heartbroken, she swore to wait for the partner God chose for her.

Then she met Shaka Senghor. Though she felt an intense spiritual connection, Ebony struggled with the idea that this man convicted of murder could be the good love God wanted for her. Through letters and visits, she and Shaka fell deeply in love. Once Shaka came home, Ebony thought the worst was over. But Shaka’s release was the beginning of the end.

The Love Prison Made and Unmade reveals powerful lessons about love, sacrifice, courage, and forgiveness; of living your highest principles and learning to be free of judgment. Ultimately, it is a stark reminder of the emotional cost of American justice on human lives—the partners, wives, children, and friends—beyond the prison walls.

The Love Prison Made and Unmade: My Story by Ebony Roberts
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