The Lost Diary of M by Paul Wolfe


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An engrossing debut novel that cannily reimagines the extraordinary life and mysterious death of real-life bohemian Georgetown socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer—secret lover of JFK, ex-wife of a CIA chief, sexual adventurer, LSD explorer, and early feminist living by her own rules. Is that why she ended up dead?

“In real life, Mary Pinchot Meyer had a love affair with JFK, may have done LSD with him and was mysteriously murdered in 1964. Wolfe’s riveting novel imagines what Meyer’s diary—burned by the CIA after her death—might have revealed. Great fun for conspiracy theorists and romantics alike.” — People

She was a longtime lover of JFK.

She was the ex-wife of a CIA chief.

She was the sister-in-law of the Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee.

She believed in mind expansion and took LSD with Timothy Leary.

She was a painter, a socialite, a feminist, and a bohemian in Georgetown during the Cold War.

And she ended up dead in an unsolved murder a year after JFK’s assassination.

The diary she kept was never found.

Until now. . . .

The Lost Diary of M by Paul Wolfe
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