The Immigrant’s Refrigerator by Elena Georgiou


If luck is on an author’s side, a book reaches its audience at the right time. Elena Georgiou’s THE IMMIGRANT’S REFRIGERATOR can confidently make this claim.

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Populated with a cast of characters that shine the light on what it means to be an outsider in the early part of the 21st century, this story collection takes its reader into the private lives of those who have entered a country legally, others who were forced to enter illegally, and the rest who call a country home as a result of birth; characters searching for what they need to sustain them on their journeys towards a future that will not only be a place of refuge, but also one of hope.

“Quiet, yet powerful stories…Shows characters’ shared humanity and the compassion and kindness that can help overcome differences. Georgiou’s timely collection will appeal to any reader interested in immigration issues.” —Booklist

“Exquisite…At a moment when America’s political response to The Other is triggering a national crisis of conscience, these poignant stories remind us of the vital role that human compassion plays in bridging ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic divides. Sustenance acquires profound meaning in these tales of endurance, hope, and the abiding power of quiet generosity.” —Aimee Liu

“Devastating…and still, it is a celebration of life in all of its scars and joys, chance and invention, awe and longing to be seen, and, over and over, a testament to the tender, transformative power of acceptance and love.” —Rahna Reiko Rizzuto

“Dazzlingly good…I loved this collection.” —John McManus

The Immigrant’s Refrigerator by Elena Georgiou
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