The Heap by Sean Adams


A satiric, near future mystery about the rise and fall of an enormous housing complex and the bizarre society to creates–a society eerily like our own. A pointed and darkly hilarious debut in the vein of Patrick DeWitt, Matt Ruff and Seth Fried’s The Municipalists.

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Once standing 500 stories high, Los Verticalés is now collapsed into a massive pile of rubble called The Heap, where volunteers have created their own ad hoc society of Dig Hands, removing trash, debris and bodies from the vast site.

Orville Anders’ brother–a radio DJ–has miraculously survived and is broadcasting from inside The Heap. The brothers’ nightly conversations are a rating bonanza but Orville is cut off when he refuses to cooperate with corporate sponsors. The next night he hears “Orville” on the radio and determines to uncover the corruption at the core of their enterprise.

It’s a strange, eerily familiar world that offers a stark perspective on our social isolation, consumerism, class and community.

The Heap by Sean Adams
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