The Black Condition ft. Narcissus by jayy dodd


An irreverently tender profile of Black trans life surviving & thriving during contemporary political turmoil.

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Our Bookseller says:

“Touch, as a social function, exists as the matter between affection and violence.” It’s what we do when we pick up a book or decide how we influence the material world. If you want something that slaps in all senses, this is language made physical. This is a collection to read aloud, to feel with your whole body and then some. I’m sounding sappy, but who cares. dodd is all for the melodrama, and I love it.

The poem “Manual” (p14) ended me, the poem “We Cannot Grieve What Doesn’t Leave Us Or I’ll Be At Every Function” (p43) brought me back to life, and the bonus-track “i am interested in the black condition” went off, taking shots at fetishization, appropriation, erasure, selfhood, and longing. Y’all jayy dodd is way too underrated: remember her name! —Mason:)

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THE BLACK CONDITION FT. NARCISSUS is preemptive memoir, documenting the beginning of the author’s gender transition and paralleling the inauguration of our latest Administration. These poems speak to and from fears holed up inside while contextualizing the cosmic impacts of our political landscape. Ranging from autobiographic melancholy to rigorously meditative, here is a necessary voice to process the world, predicated on unknowable desire and blossoming tragedy.

The Black Condition ft. Narcissus by jayy dodd
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