The Baddest Girl on the Planet by Heather Frese


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“A smart, propulsive read that explores a familiar setup: a small-town girl with a big personality and a need to be loved tries to escape her past. Only, instead of being about the girl who got out, this is about the girl who stays.

If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you will immediately recognize Evie. You will know her name and every rumor that’s ever been told about her; you will know that some of those rumors are true and some of them weren’t true until the town’s insistence on her reputation made them true. You will know she’s not a bad person, but she’s definitely made some bad choices (because you all did, but there are some people for whom a small town doesn’t forgive and forget).

Set in the Outer Banks, NC, this is a story with heart and humanity that illuminates the ways in which a place as much as people can mold, break, and repair a person.”


Until now, Outer Banks native Evie Austin has been the baddest girl on the planet. What comes next?


“This sun-and-salt-kissed coming-of-age story reads like a wry, honest chat with a close friend.” —Jaclyn Fulwood, Shelf Awareness

Evie Austin, native of Hatteras Island, North Carolina and baddest girl on the planet, has not lived her life in a straight line. There have been several detours—career snafus, bad romantic choices, a loved but unplanned child—not to mention her ill-advised lifelong obsession with boxer Mike Tyson. Evie is not plucky, but when life’s changes smash over her like the rough surf of the local shoreline, she muddles through—until that moment of loss and longing when muddling will no longer suffice. This is the story of what the baddest girl on the planet must find in herself when a bag of pastries, a new lover, or quick trip to Vegas won’t fix anything, and when something more than casual haplessness is required. The Baddest Girl on the Planet is inventive, sharp, witty, and poignant. Readers will want to jump in and advise this baddest girl on the planet—or at least just give her a shake or a hug—at every fascinating turn.

The Baddest Girl on the Planet by Heather Frese
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