that’s what you get Sheila Maldonado


The second collection of poetry by Sheila Maldonado.

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Here’s a fun fact: Honduras in Spanish means “depths,” which is relevant here, where the profound reveals itself on the poems’ surfaces, vibrating with sonic and electric currents. Maldonado thrills with the contradictions in New York City life, where the people, in mourning over another victim of police brutality, can take over a plaza named to honor a colonizer; where the laundromat offers communion and the subway a site for Emersonian contemplation; where laying on your couch very well may be the ultimate act of resistance; where you could be a Central American Quaker in a Caribbean borough grooving to an Icelandic dance queen’s DJing. Spunk, grit, the real deal, that’s what you get here.Mónica de la Torre

Using humor, language play, and innovative visual strategies, Sheila Maldonado takes on the full range of human experience, from familial love to pain and grief in the wake of racial injustice—“history a fugitive in the womb. that’s what you get is a wild ride, a sensate ride, a ride of force and unflinching honesty. It’s also a reinvention of Frank O’Hara’s talking poems, but in Maldonado’s poems there’s something at stake, a steady beautiful rage brewing just below the surfaces.Dawn Lundy Martin

Sheila Maldonado’s poems are imbued with her signature humor, self-deprecation, and truth, always. Her newest collection is full of beautifully languaged, clear-headed, intertwined tales of gentrification, family, and work, as both a poet and struggling teacher, threaded with themes of longing and belonging, the loss of love, an ongoing “resist/submit” exhaustion and rage, and the injustices and madness of our social and political times.Lydia Cortés

that’s what you get Sheila Maldonado
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