Teeny Houdini #1: The Disappearing Act by Katrina Moore


In the first of an early-reader chapter book series by Katrina Moore and Zoe Si, Bessie Lee is determined to be a great magician…until a magic trick loses the class hamster! The adventures of Teeny Houdini come in short, easy-to-read chapters full of hilarious illustrations—a perfect series for building confident readers.

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Bessie Lee is tired of being the TEENIEST girl in her first-grade class. She’s too teeny to reach the big-kid swings. Too teeny to play with her older sister. Too teeny to go on the best rides at Disney World!

Still, that doesn’t stop Bessie from having BIG dreams. And one of those is winning the school talent show! After Bessie wins, no one will tell her she’s too teeny anymore.

Bessie’s plan is to dazzle the crowd with magic. Just like her favorite magician, Harry Houdini! But when some of Bessie’s classmates don’t believe she’s a real magician, Bessie performs a trick to impress them.

Abracadabra-poof and—oh no! Bessie made Rufus, the class hamster, disappear! And she doesn’t know how to undo it! Will Bessie find a way to bring him back? Or is Rufus truly lost forever?

Teeny Houdini #1: The Disappearing Act by Katrina Moore