Tears of the Trufflepig


Written with infectious verve, bold imagination, and oddball humor, Fernando A. Flores’s debut novel, Tears of the Trufflepig, is an absurdist take on life along the border, an ode to the myths of Mexican culture, a dire warning against the one percent’s determination to dictate society’s decline, and a nuanced investigation of loss. It’s also the perfect introduction to Flores: a wonderfully weird, staggeringly smart new voice in American fiction, and a mythmaker of the highest order.

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Our Bookseller says:

“When food shortages devastated the world’s population, scientists found a way to make synthetic food. When scientists realized they could also bring back once-extinct species, the rich found a way to exploit the science to feast on these delicacies.

The result reads like a narcotic-fueled, hallucinogenic parallel universe where pigs can fly (yes, literally), cartels sell genetically-modified creatures to the super wealthy, and morality is less an ideal than a speed bump. Yet, somehow, this reality’s ugliness is all too relatable.”


Near future. South Texas. Narcotics are legal and there’s a new contraband on the market: ancient Olmec artifacts, shrunken indigenous heads, and filtered animals—species of animals brought back from extinction to clothe, feed, and generally amuse the very wealthy. Esteban Bellacosa has lived in the border town of MacArthur long enough to know to keep quiet and avoid the dangerous syndicates who make their money through trafficking.

But his simple life starts to get complicated when the swashbuckling investigative journalist Paco Herbert invites him to come to an illegal underground dinner serving filtered animals. Bellacosa soon finds himself in the middle of an increasingly perilous, surreal, psychedelic journey, where he encounters legends of the long-disappeared Aranaña Indian tribe and their object of worship: the mysterious Trufflepig, said to possess strange powers.

Tears of the Trufflepig