Swing at Your Own Risk by Metta Sama


SWING AT YOUR OWN RISK, structurally designed to swing from one subject to the next, from one lyric utterance to the next, concerns itself with unpacking myths of gender, race, sexuality and violence (specifically myths of the scary black man in the U.S. and the scary black woman in the U.S.). Through formal and structural experimentation, the poems attempt to look at the varying issues in the U.S. that can rob humans of opportunities to be radically humane.

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Metta Sáma is author of the chapbooks the year we turned dragon (Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs), le animal and other creatures (Miel), After After/After “Sleeping to Dream (Nous-zōt Press) & Nocturne Trio (YesYes Books). Her first full- length collection, South of Here (New Issues Press), was published under her legal name, Lydia Melvin. She was co-winner of the 2016 Robert H. Winner Memorial Award from Poetry Society of America and a former Jay C. & Ruth Halls Poetry Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing. Her literary art, literary scholarship & book reviews have been published in various literary journals and anthologies. Sáma is the founder of Artists Against Police Brutality/ Cultures of Violence, a Senior Fellow of Black Earth Institute, and a member of the Advisory Board of Black Radish Books. She currently lives in NC with a little lion.

Swing at Your Own Risk by Metta Sama