Swallowtail: Poems by Brenna Twohy



Swallowtail greets trauma with a force, one determined to relearn self love, it bends willfully into healing to save itself.

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Brenna Twohy closely examines popular culture and lays bare its indiscriminate effects on young women. This debut collection plunges deep into the dissection of popular culture, exposing and how the brightness and horrors of it can be mirrors into the daily lived experiences of women in America. Swallowtail evokes a wide range of emotions, from rage, and fear, to uncompromising empathy. Twohy unpacks her experience as a survivor allowing readers into the most intimate parts of her healing, as she uncovers what it means to survive. Includes poems such as “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them”, “Anxiety: A Ghost Story”, “Another Rape Poem”, and “In Which I Do Not Fear Harvey Dent” that have been watched by millions online.

Swallowtail: Poems by Brenna Twohy
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