Summer of the Cicadas by Chelsea Catherine


Summer of the Cicadas follows Jess as she investigates a strange brood of seventeen-year-old Magicicadas that have infected her rural West Virginian town.

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Summer of the Cicadas is about a West Virginian town where a brood of Magicicadas emerges for the first time in seventeen years. The cicadas damage crops and trees, and swarm locals. Jessica, a former cop whose entire family was killed in a car crash two years earlier, is deputized during the crisis.

Throughout the book, Jessica must deal with her feelings for her sister’s best friend, Natasha, who is a town council member. After Fish and Wildlife removes the swarm, Jessica must also confront the two-year anniversary of her family’s death, Natasha’s budding romance with a local editor, as well as a sudden but devastating loss that changes everything.

Summer of the Cicadas by Chelsea Catherine
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