Show Them a Good Time by Nicole Flattery


A blisteringly original and wickedly funny collection of stories about the strange worlds that women inhabit and the parts that they must play.

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Our Bookseller says:

“Disclaimer: this collection is not for everyone.

It is strong, subversive, bizarre, and absolutely aware of its shape-shifting, each story muscling for a greater portion of your undivided attention.

These stories focus on women and girls with emphasis on the mundane, gross, and socially-shamed. The characters are jaded, often cynical, and yearn to be free of their metaphorical constraints, each a stand-in for the very real constraints society places on women.

Feminist, experimental, and not afraid to push boundaries, this collection challenges the reader to think beyond the page.” <3 Miranda

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A sense of otherworldly menace is at work in Nicole Flattery’s fiction, but the threats are all too familiar. Show Them a Good Time tells the stories of women slotted into restrictive roles: the celebrity’s girlfriend, the widower’s second wife, the lecherous professor’s student, the corporate employee. And yet, Flattery’s characters blithely demolish the boundaries of these limited and limiting social types with complexity and caustic intelligence.

In “Not The End Yet,” Flattery probes the ambivalence of Internet dating as the apocalypse nears; in “Sweet Talk,” the disappearance of a number of local women sets the scene for a young girl to confront her own sexuality; in “Abortion, A Love Story,” two college students reconfigure the stories of their bodies in a fraught academic culture to offer a subversive, alarming play that takes over their offstage lives. And yet, however surreal the setting, Flattery always shows us these strange worlds from unexpected angles, through an unforgettable cast of women and girls.

Show Them a Good Time by Nicole Flattery