She Memes Well: Essays by Quinta Brunson


From comedian Quinta Brunson comes a deeply personal and funny collection of essays about trying to make it when you’re broke, overcoming self-doubt and depression, and how she’s used humor to navigate her career in unusual directions.

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Quinta Brunson is a master at breaking the internet. Without any traditional background in media, her humorous videos were the first to go viral on Instagram’s platform, eventually landing her a gig at BuzzFeed. From there, Brunson’s wryly observant POV helped cement her status in the comedy world at large, with roles on Comedy Central and HBO. Now, Brunson is bringing her comedic chops to the page in She Memes Well, an earnest, laugh-out-loud collection about this unusual road to notoriety.

In her debut essay collection, Quinta applies her trademark humor and heart to discuss what it was like to go from flat broke to “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?” level of fame. With anecdotes that range from the ridiculous—like the time she and her high school girlfriends decided they needed to get into a street fight—to more heartfelt material about her struggles with depression, Brunson’s voice is entirely authentic and eminently readable. With its intimate tone and hilarious moments, She Memes Well will make you feel as if you’re sitting down with your chillest, funniest friend.

She Memes Well: Essays by Quinta Brunson