Section 130 by Katrinka Mannelly


Based on the Dewey decimal system designation for the supernatural – Section 130 is a collection of short stories from new author Katrinka Mannelly.

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In the library of Katrinka Mannelly’s childhood, Dewey Decimal section 130 contained the supernatural—everything from witches to mermaids, gnomes to poltergeists. Like many children, she devoured these books, working her way through countless titles, studying magical creatures and imagining what encounters with them might be like.

As an adult she is still enamored with the inhabitants of section 130, but life has given her a more cynical view. What if interactions with mythical beings were mundane, or funny, or when special, extraordinary in the most unanticipated of ways?

This is the premise of Section 130, a collection of original short stories averaging 2,000 words in length. Each explores a modern human-supernatural being exchange. Sirens, fey, Sasquatch, Jinn, demons, ghosts, zombies, even tooth fairies in training, and lake monsters have truths to tell us about who we are as people.

Section 130 by Katrinka Mannelly
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