Sea Bear by Lindsay Moore


This remarkable debut picture book follows a lone polar bear as she makes her way across the sea ice in the Arctic. Deeply moving and informative, this story about perseverance, family, nature, and climate change is ideal for classroom and family sharing. Includes backmatter about the melting sea ice and the animals of the Arctic.

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A solitary polar bear makes her way across the sea ice in pursuit of food. As the ice melts and food becomes scarce, she is forced to swim for days. Finally, storm-tossed and exhausted, she finds shelter on land, where she has her cubs and waits for the sea to freeze again. This gorgeously illustrated book is the perfect marriage of scientific fact and poetry and will resonate with readers of all ages. Informed by the author’s background in marine biology, Sea Bear is both a vivid and moving page-turner with a vital message about our changing planet, and a distinguished informational book. For fans of Jason Chin. Includes extensive backmatter about Arctic animals, climate change, and sea ice.

Sea Bear by Lindsay Moore