salt slow by Julia Armfield


From The White Review Short Story Prize winner Julia Armfield, a brilliant, daring debut story collection for fans of Carmen Maria Machado and Black Mirror.

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“This collection of stories is outlandish and amazing, every one of these characters brimming with electricity.

Nothing is as it seems and everything is as it seems. The title story, my personal favorite, rides your veins straight to the heart of the matter and clutches it, a shiver of goosebumps the only evidence the cause comes from something outside yourself.

Armfield conjures her worlds in a sinister magic, a broody wildness rushing through the sentences and leaving them sparkling. And still, she manages to make her writer’s wand invisible, the stories so utterly immersive as to make the surreal more real than the world in which we live.”

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In her provocative, electrifying debut, Julia Armfield explores women’s experiences in contemporary society, mapped through their bodies. As urban dwellers’ sleep becomes disassociated from them, like Peter Pan’s shadow, a city turns insomniac. A teenager entering puberty finds her body transforming in ways very different from her classmates’. As a popular band gathers momentum, the fangirls following their tour turn into something monstrous. After their parents remarry, two step-sisters, one a girl and one a wolf, develop a dangerously close bond. And in an apocalyptic landscape, a pregnant woman begins to realize that the creature in her belly is not what she expected. Blending elements of horror, science fiction, mythology, and feminism, salt slow is an utterly original collection of short stories that are sure to dazzle and shock, heralding the arrival of a thrilling new literary voice.

salt slow by Julia Armfield
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