Saint X By Alexis Schaitkin


Alexis Schaitkin’s stunning debut, Saint X, is a haunting portrait of grief, obsession, and the bond between two sisters never truly given the chance to know one another.

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“Girl goes to tropical resort on Saint X in the Caribbean with her family and on the last night of vacation, she goes missing. A few days later, her body is found in a remote area of the island. The mystery of her death haunts her family and the island of Saint X. With echos of Natalie Holloway this debut by Alexis Schaitkin is not your typical who-done it mystery. Instead, it is a skillfully written narrative told from multiple perspectives of the girl’s family and those living on Saint X. Most of the narrative is unveiled by her sister who was only seven years old when the girl went missing. As an adult, she lives in New York City and happens to come across one of the suspects in her sister’s disappearance – a happenstance that turns into a sickly obsession for the truth about what happened to her sister and who her sister really was. As the author unpacks the mystery through a slow burn weaving of perspectives and experiences, it’s the unpeeling of several of the character’s own stories that I enjoyed the most.”

– Amanda BenDor
Community Reader

Saint X By Alexis Schaitkin
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