sad boy / detective by Sam Sax


Sam Sax’s sad boy/detective uses the unholy sonnet in ways that would make Jarman marvel and sigh. The entirety of this volume destabilizes our ideas of what it means to write the coming of age novel, what it means to be undetectable. And Sax is forever fighting the fight of a poet who is made aware of his separation from the world by the fact that he is-in sorrow, sex, danger, or celebration-moored to all he sees because his seeing is a searchlight. — Jericho Brown

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Winner of the Spring 2014 Black River Chapbook Competition

From his first appearance on the page, “we knew he was bound for something unsolvable.” But a little thing like futility can’t stop our hero from holding up a magnifying glass to a world “so bright it’s impossible to understand.” In this searching, provocative collection of coming-of-age sonnets, the sad boy detective listens close, collects the evidence, and reimagines the strange landscapes of a life, a body, a boy, a self. Through a questioning, fervent lens, Sam Sax’s sad boy / detective reminds us how deeply bizarre and at times undecipherable all this existence stuff truly is.

sad boy / detective by Sam Sax