Rituals Performed in the Absence of Ganymede by Mike Corrao [SIGNED]


In Mike Corrao’s instant cult-classic GUT TEXT, the reader observes the text caught in the physical objectness of a book as it slowly becomes a living organism: self-conscious, feeling pain, fear, and desire. RITUALS PERFORMED IN THE ABSENCE OF GANYMEDE takes the text beyond the physical, where the reader and text enter the search for a body that can contain you both.

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“To properly orientate oneself before entering Rituals Performed in the Absence on Ganymede, one must first think about the rituals suggested in the title as a physical act. Of course, all books require a collaboration between the text and the reader’s imagination, but the interaction here needs to be reframed as an act between two living organisms rather than one holding the other in its hand. Mike Corrao has created a text that bubbles from the page and wraps itself around the reader. Upon peeling it from their skin, the paragraphs will continue to grow and morph, easily outgrowing and crushing the microscope that it has been placed under. Corrao’s writing constantly mutates, mimics, and takes the form of other texts, websites and PDFs that it might have encountered, all the while revealing its true form – the concrete poem of a beast driving this chaos. All hail its dizzying and glorious reign of confusion!” — Thomas Moore, Author of Alone

“Mike Corrao’s text sheds light on the structures of existence and the voluptuousness of conflict masterfully, beyond fragmentation, through the absorption of the real, between absence and presence, entwining the manifested and the hidden, causing mutations in the flesh and in the mind. It tells us that there are other possibilities of living. Among its pages, antagonistic essences reflect in each other; among its pages, another game of potentialities is revealed. ‘Rituals Performed in the Absence of Ganymede’ is a book in perpetual motion, forming and informing cognition in and beyond time. A book whose language births the body of the new reader.” — Christina Tudor-Sideri, Author of Under the Sign of the Labyrinth

Rituals Performed in the Absence of Ganymede by Mike Corrao [SIGNED]