Return to Roar by Jenny McLachlan


Perfect for readers who dream of exploring Narnia and Neverland, this heartwarming and gorgeously illustrated story with a classic feel takes readers on an adventure through a vivid and lush imaginary world threatened by an evil villain. A bestseller in the UK!

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Arthur and Rose Trout are the heroes of Roar, a magical world they created together when they were little, where anything they imagine can become real.

Roar is filled with incredible wonders from their own imaginations, but some of their nightmares have also come to life. Crowky, the villain who still haunts Arthur and Rose, has discovered the secret spot where the twins have locked away all their deepest, darkest fears. He plans to unleash their fears upon the land, which means Roar will be in more danger than ever before.

To stop Crowky and save the world they love, Arthur and Rose will have to finally confront the things they’ve dreaded for so long.

Return to Roar by Jenny McLachlan