Resurrecting the Bones by Jacinta V. White


Poet Jacinta V. White shares poems inspired by her travels to African American churches and cemeteries in the south, from North Carolina to Texas.

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“Jacinta V. White’s Resurrecting The Bones will not let southern African American history be silenced by re-zoning, gentrification, and useful forgetfulness. White’s poems are Dr. Sheila Smith McKoy’s “limbo time” in action. Each poem is a personal and historical guide through the richness and fullness of black southern culture and the mighty black church. White’s language is hard-hitting, tender, and cosmic. Her images are sharp and unforgettable. The poems are narrative with a lyrical pulse that pulls the reader deeper into the rural landscape. A must read.”

—Tyree Daye

Resurrecting the Bones by Jacinta V. White