Refuse by Julian Randall


Winner of the Cave Canem Award, this is a Poetry Debut That “Accepts That Every Song Must End Before Walking Confidently Into the Next Music”–Julian Randall

Winner of the 2017 Cave Canem Poetry Prize

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Set against the backdrop of the Obama presidency, Julian Randall’s Refuse documents a young biracial man’s journey through the mythos of Blackness, Latinidad, family, sexuality and a hostile American landscape. Mapping the relationship between father and son caught in a lineage of grief and inherited Black trauma, Randall conjures reflections from mythical figures such as Icarus, Narcissus and the absent Frank Ocean. Not merely a story of the wound but the salve, Refuse is a poetry debut that accepts that every song must end before walking confidently into the next music.

Refuse by Julian Randall
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