Real Estate: A Living Autobiography by Deborah Levy


Real Estate is the third and final installment in three-time Booker Prize finalist Deborah Levy’s Working Autobiography series.

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Three bicycles. Seven ghosts. A crumbling apartment block on the hill. Fame. Tenderness. The statue of Peter Pan. Silk. Melancholy. The banana tree. A Pandemic. A love story.”
In Things I Don’t Want to Know, acclaimed author Deborah Levy wrote about a woman’s search for meaning, value, and purpose, the politics of motherhood, the radical commitment and energy required to make a writing life, while in The Cost of Living, she explored the dimensions of love, marriage, mourning, and kinship. Now, in Real Estate, Levy concludes her groundbreaking trilogy with an exhilarating, thought-provoking, and boldly intimate meditation on home and the specters that haunt it in a patriarchal society.
As always, Levy’s searing new books blend personal history, gender politics, philosophy, and literary theory into a brilliant, compulsively readable narrative.

Real Estate: A Living Autobiography by Deborah Levy
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