Puppy Love by P.K. Hallinan


A children’s picture book that poetically shares the joy and love a dog feels in the hands of a thoughtful, devoted child.

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In Puppy Love, a boy and his puppy enjoy their day together searching for creatures, appreciating nature, playing in the park, watching TV, and finally going to bed, where it is revealed to the reader that the entire book has been from the perspective of the puppy, who is happy spending all his time with the young boy who cares for him.

The message of this book, about the loving heart of a puppy, is applicable to the owning and raising all animals, by all ages and classes, and can help many people see more clearly the tenderness and loyalty of animals. It’s essential reading for all young children with pets, all children who want pets, and animal lovers of all ages.

Puppy Love by P.K. Hallinan
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