Prometheite by Ari Mulch


Prometheite reimagines Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a lesbian romantic tragedy.

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Our Bookseller Says . . .
“If Mary Shelley had be a lesbian, and if comic books existed back then, she would have written this sapphic story.” – Sylvie

Two young women, Aveline and Violet, meet at the University of Ingolstadt and quickly bond over their interest in anatomy, the occult, and one another. But, before their love can fully bloom, Aveline dies. Violet resorts to dark sciences to keep the forbidden romance alive and resurrects Aveline. But all is not well. Aveline suspects something unnatural about her life as Violet struggles to keep the resurrection a secret. Will toying with the forces of nature doom their forbidden relationship? Prometheite is Ari Mulch’s first graphic novella.

Prometheite by Ari Mulch