Prelude for Lost Souls by Helene Dunbar


The Raven Boys meets The Astonishing Color of After in this story of two boys in a special town where everyone can talk to the dead. Some see it as a blessing; others see it as a curse.

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In St. Hilaire the ability to talk to the dead is a requirement for residence. Dec Hampton has always lived there, but ever since his parents died, he’s had enough. All Dec has to do is pass the GED, and he is out of there.

His best friend Russ won’t be surprised—but he will be heartbroken. Unlike Dec, Russ is a good medium, maybe even a great one. He’s made huge sacrifices for his gift.

Dec can’t stay, and Russ wouldn’t ask, so everything seems all set to slowly slip away, until a train carrying Annie Krylova, the piano prodigy whose music has been Dec’s main source of solace, breaks down outside of town. In St. Hilaire, there are no coincidences, and both boys know even more changes are coming than they were prepared for.

Prelude for Lost Souls by Helene Dunbar