Porneia by Eduardo Kac


Internationally recognized for his works in telepresence and bioart, Kac presents here, translated into English for the first time, his early political poems and performance texts from his early career in Brazil.


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Porneia features a selection of works by Eduardo Kac realized in the context of the Porn Art Movement, a vanguard that emerged in 1980 under a military dictatorship in Brazil and which, for two intense years, straddled the line between relentless formal experimentation and the outlying demimonde where boundary-busting gender reinvention took place. Through performances, poetry and visual works, as well as through interventions in daily life, between 1980 and 1982 Kac carried out a radical body-based program that upturned the semiotics of normative pornography at the service of activism and imagination.

Porneia by Eduardo Kac