Pizza Punks by Cole Pauls


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A punk-rock celebration of pizza in all its gooey glory.

Dive deep into the world of cheese-loving, crust-craving, sauce-savouring punks with award-winning cartoonist Cole Pauls. In Pizza Punks, Pauls pushes the limits of pizza devotion by exploring just how far an extremely dedicated punk might go to attain the cheesiest of pies. Backpack pizza? Sure. Couch pizza? Absolutely. Even mosh pizza isn’t off-limits. Pineapple pizza, though? That’s a little more controversial.

This quirky graphic novel is served up hot and (not so) fresh by the author of Dakwäkãda Warriors, winner of the 2020 Indigenous Voices Award and nominee for two Doug Wright Awards and an Aurora Award.

“The more pizza I ate, the more ideas I thought of. The more punk music I listened to, the more I wanted to incorporate that into it. It’s kind of just a snowball effect.” –Cole Pauls

Pizza Punks by Cole Pauls
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