Peg + Cat: The Sleepover by Jennifer Oxley


Counting your chickens — all twenty of them — turns out to be a good way to fall back to sleep at a pirate sleepover with Peg and Cat.

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It’s a sleepover party! Peg and Cat and four Pirates (plus the parrot) are happily drawing, playing games, and watching a video. But when the Pirates start feeling sad and homesick, it’s a really big problem. Four sleeping bags (plus a sleeping sock), four pillows (plus a beanbag), and four blankets (plus a hankie) help them all feel cozy enough to go to sleep. But when the parrot’s “AWK!” wakes them up again, what can they count on to return to dreamland? Comes with bonus stickers!

Peg + Cat: The Sleepover by Jennifer Oxley
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