One Lark, One Horse : Poems by Michael Hofmann


A new collection of poems by Michael Hofmann—his first in twenty years

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Michael Hofmann is renowned as one of our most brilliant critics and translators; that he is also regarded as among our most respected poets—”one of the definitive bodies of work of the last half-century” (Times Literary Supplement)—is all the more impressive for his relatively concentrated output. One Lark, One Horse is his fifth collection of poems since his debut in 1983, and his first since Approximately Nowhere in 1999. But it is also one of the most anticipated gatherings of new work in years. In style, it is as unmistakable as ever—sometimes funny, sometimes caustic; world-facing and yet intimate—and it shows a bright mind burning fiercely over the European and American imagination. Approaching his sixtieth birthday, the poet explores where he finds himself, geographically and in life, treating with wit and compassion such universal themes as aging and memory, place, and the difficulty for the individual to exist at all in an ever bigger and more bestial world.

One Lark, One Horse is a remarkable assembly of work that will delight loyal readers and enchant new ones with its approachable, companionable voice.

One Lark, One Horse : Poems by Michael Hofmann
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