One-Bowl Meals : Simple, Nourishing, Delicious by Maria Zizka


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A versatile and tasty approach to creating a complete meal, One-Bowl Meals features 30 compositions made from a variety of bases and mix-and-match component toppings, offering endless possibility and inspiration.

Inspired Combinations for the Way We Love to Eat

Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and complete with protein, fresh fruits or vegetables, and grains, a one-bowl meal checks all the boxes—delicious, nourishing, casual, filling, seasonal. And in the hands of Maria Zizka its possibilities are even more exciting, with thirty brilliant combinations organized by base—oatmeal, chia, or yogurt for breakfast, and grains, noodles, or greens to build mains. Plus, there are tips, tutorials, and substitution rules of thumb throughout, including how to customize your bowl to make it vegan, gluten-free, or protein-forward.

It’s all about mastering the five steps to building a bowl:

  1. Start with a base
  2. Include a protein
  3. Consider a sauce
  4. Add a couple of toppings
  5. Garnish with something crunchy or bright
One-Bowl Meals : Simple, Nourishing, Delicious by Maria Zizka
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