Variation #2647 of On Swift Horses by Sharon Pufahl


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Our Bookseller says:

“Set in the California West of the 1950s where some people prop up domestic bliss near half-finished highways while others watch mushroom clouds form over the deserts of Las Vegas, this is a tale of utter loneliness and how far we’ll go to avoid it.

Pufahl’s writing is aching and luxurious, her sentences as muscular as a racehorse’s haunches. You will feel the saltwater breeze rolling over the horses’ backs and savor the first olive Muriel ever tastes as though it’s also your first. The full power of her sentences is like the atom bombs’ sound, both startling the audience later, after.

This slow-burn of a book is both about the subtleties of longing, of the things our two queer protagonists cannot say aloud; it’s about risk, about what we’re willing to gamble when we’re confronted with the life we want in the face of the one we have.” <3 Miranda

Variation #2647 of On Swift Horses by Sharon Pufahl